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Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the necessities of life, however, few people like paying for life insurance policies. A key factor to consider in buying life insurance is to cover the income your family will be unable to replace. This amount of life insurance is often in the range of five to ten times your annual income. And as your income goes up, additional life insurance will be necessary for your family to maintain its standard of living and quality of life.

Find out if your life coverage is adequate, contact the life insurance professionals at Capita Insurance Brokers today!



Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Most people cannot afford to pay the high cost of health care on their own. That is where health insurance comes in. You pay a premium each month, and your insurer pays for a portion of the covered medical costs. The insurer may be able to negotiate better rates from the doctors and hospitals. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs for a doctor visit, or thousands for a surgery, you pay a lesser amount depending on your plan


Live A Healthier Life

Many people think of health insurance as something you use when you are sick, but it is much more than that. You can take advantage of the preventive services your plan offers. By visiting your doctor regularly for check-ups and getting your recommended screenings, you are more likely to prevent more serious conditions later on. Plus, many health plans offer wellness programs and discounts on health products and services

Personal Auto Insurance

Protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident. It also covers damage or injury caused by you or someone else driving your vehicle, costs that can soar above the value of the vehicle itself. Coverage is also granted whilst driving another private vehicle.

There are two major options to choose from when you are seeking motor insurance:


Comprehensive Insurance

These policies cover you for third party fire and theft plus accidental damage to your own vehicle. The level of coverage and its costs can be influenced by a number of factors such as the driver's profile (including age, driving experience and driving history) and the vehicle's profile (including type, use, engine size and value). Higher premiums may result from vehicles with high performance engines, young or inexperienced drivers, and expensive or unusual vehicles may result in a higher premium.


Third Party

This is often the minimum coverage required by law, and only covers you for the cost of claims for injury to another person and damage to another vehicle or third party property. It does not cover loss of or damage to your own vehicle.


Home Owner's Insurance

As a homeowner, you need to be assured that your home and its contents are protected. This coverage protects you from claims which arise as a result of fire, hurricane, flood, malicious damage, explosion, riot and strike, burst water pipe damage, vehicular impact, aircraft damage, bush fire, smoke damage, earthquake and sprinkler damage. We will provide the coverage you require!


In addition to those services mentioned above, we also offer the following:


Public Liability Coverage

You need to protect yourself against claims for accidents that happen on your property for which you are legally liable. Our public liability insurance will provide the coverage you require.


Contractors All Risks Insurance

This coverage is usually taken by the contractor, however the prospective homeowner can also take out this insurance when constructing their home. It can be converted to the Homeowners Comprehensive policy when the house has been completed. The coverage also includes protection against claims made by other parties for personal injuries or property damage, due to negligence of the contractor.

Travel Insurance

This policy covers specific losses that may occur during your leisure or personal trip abroad. You may be covered for incidents including loss or damage to baggage, cancellation or curtailment of trip, personal accident or medical expenses.


Personal Accident Insurance

Protect you livelihood from injury that results in serious bodily harm which leads to a loss of income and/or extra costs that arise. A supplemental income can be provided if an accidental bodily injury results in your temporary total disablement, or to provide a lump sum payment if the injury results in permanent total disablement, loss of limbs, or death. Without cover for a personal accident, you and your loved ones may need to foot the bill. Policies also offer coverage for the associated medical expenses , within certain limits.


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